About us

About GME Marketing Success

GME marketing Success was founded with a single goal in mind. To provide local businesses with high quality marketing services. The founder, George Tsividakis, has marketed for local businesses here in New York and the tri-state area for over 6 years and has mastered the marketing channels that can consistently bring in new customers. With a background in Computer Science and Marketing, we are able to provide high tech proven online strategies that can help grow your business.


We recognize every business is different

Just as every business is unique and different, the tools, strategies, resources or techniques will also be unique and different in order to help YOUR business achieve the best results from your marketing efforts and advertising dollars.  Once we have determined, together, your objectives, where we’re starting from, what resources and budget you have available, we then create a plan of action to maximize the opportunities that are available with a unique approach.

If you are ready to have your own highly experienced marketing team,

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